Technology Architect

Bratislava, SK


  • Design and architect next-generation data storing in containerized microservice architectural environment
  • Research and evaluation of technologies and building PoC on top of them
  • Prepare structural requirements for new software and applications related to their data storage
  • Act as a subject matter expert on Data architecture best practices
  • Act as consultancy authority for development and operations teams during various stages of implementation
  • Create documentation materials and mentor other teams regarding new designed solutions and technology

Expected Know-How:

  • Deep knowledge of relational and No-SQL database concepts
  • Very good understanding of Data Integrity and Data Security concepts
  • Understanding of messaging concepts
  • Understanding modern data storing concepts e.g. Big Data, Fast Data, Hadoop
  • Understanding concepts in memory grids / in memory databases Apache Ignite, Hazelcast
  • Overview and understanding of ORM mappers (preferably Hibernate, alternatively EclipseLink, OpenJPA, Doctrine, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience in architecture and  design of data solutions for applications
  • Hands on experience with SQL and NoSQL databases (preferably MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Hands on experience with Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ messaging
  • Principal experience with automation of database management and maintenance tasks

Nice to have:

  • Development background / experience: Java / Scala / Python / Groovy / Shell scripting / GoLang
  • Development background / experience: databases and queries optimizations
  • Experience with data migrations
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