We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver exceptional services

Professionalism means continuous learning, working with a clear operations model, and providing innovative solutions

First we think

Every great innovation first begins with a thought. What is the problem? What is the solution? How can processes be better? A thought may originate with an individual but is always enhanced through close collaboration with the team.

Then we develop

Using design thinking methodology, we take a brilliant idea and bring it to reality through design, re-design, testing and re-testing to find the best possible working solution.

Continue developing

Once we’ve developed a working solution and delivered it to the market, we continue to evaluate its effectiveness by constantly redefining, redesigning and redeveloping it to improve its efficiency.

We use the best contemporary tools to build the strongest and most reliable platform possible for our systems and services

  • Drupal

    Our customer-facing websites are running on CMS framework Drupal 7.

  • Angular

    We have started building a new frontend platform which combines Drupal 8 and Angular 2.

  • Spring

    We are utilizing Spring Boot / Spring Integration and currently working on the Spring Cloud implementation.

  • Node

    We are also adopting the backend for fronted approach built on top of Node.JS and GraphQL.

  • Bootstrap

    User interface of some systems is very pretty thanks to Bootstrap library and many more.

  • Docker

    We deploy and run our applications as Docker containers.

  • Kafka

    JPA/Hibernate is used for persistence and Apache Kafka for messaging.

  • SoapUI

    API calls are tested using SoapUI tool and automated tests of frontend graphic user interface.

  • Sonar

    Our builds are running on Bamboo and we use SonarQube for code analysis.

  • Symfony

    Systems developed inside of our company and build on top of PHP technologies are rooted on frameworks Symfony.

  • Composer

    Many of those systems are using Composer to extend their functionalities to another level.

  • Jira

    For test management, creating test cases and storing we use Jira.

  • JSON

    Testing web services JSON calls are done using several add-on’s to web browsers.

  • MySQL

    For checking data in database we are using MySQL workbench.